Danek Fine Art (.com) is home to information and images supporting the masterworks of Danek Mozdzenski. Danek is both sculptor and painter and his commissions and fine art can be found in private collections an publicly notable spaces around the world.

Additionally, if you are interested in acquiring a piece of Danek's work, please review the gallery where we have representations of his available works. If you are interested in commissioning Danek's services, please contact the artist.

Danek Fine Art was created and is in the business of supporting Danek Mozdzenski in his work -- enhancing spaces and improving the quality of life by creating memorable experiences involving art and the beautiful artifacts created by the master artist. Danek's work primarily includes three dimensional bronze and stone sculptures, drawings and paintings on canvas.

As a sculptor and painter, whose public works have been created over four decades, Danek is truly creating masterworks which will be remembered for centuries. Masterworks take a considerable amount of time to create and that is a commodity which most people do not have today. Therefore, the opportunity to schedule a work in Danek's studio is truly a privilege that few people will know directly.

From inspiration to completion a canvas might be three to six month or more in the studio and a sculpture might take up to a year before it is cast and located. Naturally, there are exceptions in both directions. Therefore, when considering commissioning a work of art, it is important to engage the artist as early as possible. Specifics, in relation to each undertaking, can vary considerably. Danek casts bronze works in both Canada and the United States. This too has an influence on the timeline of his creative process.
A great deal of Danek's public commissions focus on representations of the likeness of historical or memorable community people. Smaller works, many of which are held in private and public galleries around the world, reflect the more modern aspects of Danek's work which are present in his stone sculpture piece titled "The Holy Trinity". Danek prefers to work in stone and bronze because works in these materials are very long-lasting.

Being in the presence of figures Danek has created or that are present in images on his canvases is something of a surreal experience. The experience can best be understood by stating that it is somewhat strange to be in the presence of 'people' who are present or long dead and who don't move when they so clearly give the impression that they should.

Danek's most recent works show that the artist has entered the masterworks phase of his life. Time-lapse photography is currently being explored as a means of documenting the evolution of his work, a magnificent process to behold if one is fortunate enough to be able to visit Danek's studio on a regular basis.


The following are offered as a guideline and are not to be considered a specific quotation. Size approximations for small, medium and large are presented (in brackets) in square meters.
Small Canvas (1 +) $5,000 +
Medium Canvas (2+) $10,000 +
Large Canvas (3+) $15,000 +

Prices can vary considerably and are content dependent to a greater degree. Please contact our offices for a specific quotation on work you are planning. Please allow one to six months for delivery depending on content, the size of canvas, complexity of work and availability of models.


These prices reflect the average cost to both create the sculpture and cast in bronze. Prices may vary depending on the location at which they are cast (Canada vs. USA). All estimated costs are exclusive of base and mounting costs, which may be significant depending on choice of materials, location, etc.
Maquette (1/3 – 1/2 life-size): $25,000 - $50,000
Sculpture (1/2 – 3/4 life-size): $50,000 - $100,000
Sculpture (life-size): Starting at $120,000

For additional information, please contact our offices. We will be pleased to provide you with a specific quotation on your commission.

PLEASE NOTE: Danek accepts all commissions on the basis of a review of suggested content. Thank you for your understanding.

Phone: 780 453 5620